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2019-08-16 eventFrom July 16 to August 6 masterclasses in Sydney (Australia)
2019-07-31 eventJuly: master classes at the International Academy "Forum Musikae" of Madrid
2019-06-15 eventFrom June 8 to 15, invited professor at the International Festival of Costa Rica
2019-06-13 eventJune 13 Concert in San José
2019-06-12 eventJune 12 jury member in the Costa Rica contest
2019-04-24 eventConcert with 4 hands and 2 pianos with Martha Argerich and Sergio Tiempo in Galicia
2019-04-20 eventFrom Abril 16 to April 20: Member of the jury in the III International Piano Competition "Ciudad de Vigo"
2019-04-14 eventFrom March 28, 2019 to April 14, 2019: Tour in China
2019-04-14 eventFrom March 28, 2019 to April 14, 2019: Master classes in China
2019-04-13 eventConcert in Dalian
2019-04-13 eventJury in piano talent contest
2019-04-09 eventConcert in Shangai
2019-04-07 eventConcert in Ha’erbin
2019-04-06 eventMasterclass en Ha'erbin
2019-04-05 eventConcert in Chengdu
2019-03-31 eventConcert in Beijing
2019-03-30 eventJury in piano talent contest
2019-03-30 eventConcert in Suzhou
2019-03-27 eventFrom March 23 to March 27; Tour in Argentina
2019-03-27 eventFrom March 23 to March 27; Master classes in Argentina
2018-10-21 eventOctober 20 and 21: Masterclasses at the Kharkiv University of the Arts.
2018-10-12 eventMusical recording
2018-10-10 eventConcert in Kharkiv (Ukraine). Festival music Assemblies of Kharkiv in its 25th edition. Works of Scriabin and Liszt
2018-07-31 eventConcerts in Madrid - Dates to be determined
2018-07-28 eventFrom 7 to 28 July: master classes at the International Academy "Forum musikae" of Madrid
2018-05-04 eventFrom April 30 to May 4: masterclasses at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki (Greece)
2018-04-30 eventConcert in Thessaloniki (Greece)
2018-04-13 eventFrom 9 to 13 April - Master classes at the University of Yasar in Izmir (Turkey), within the "International Music Week"
2018-04-11 eventConcert in Izmir (Turkey)
2018-04-07 event6th and 7th of April: pre-selection jury of the 63rd international piano competition "Gotrian"
2018-04-01 eventConcert with 4, 6 and 8 hands together with Tamás Vásáry, Cyprien Katsaris, Badura-Skoda and Jorge Luis Prats
2018-03-31 eventFrom 29 to 31 March: Masterclasses in Vigo, together with the pianists Vásáry, Katsaris, Badura-Skoda and Prats
2018-03-28 eventFrom 24 to 28 March: Member of the jury and co-president of the II international piano competition "Ciudad de Vigo"
2018-03-23 eventInaugural concert of the II international piano competition "Ciudad de Vigo" (Schubert)
2017-12-15 eventMasterclasses in Teheran (Iran) from 14 to 15 of December
2017-12-12 eventRecital in Hong Kong (China)
2017-12-11 eventMasterclasses in Macao (China)
2017-12-11 eventRecital in Macao (China) ---- Albeniz and Liszt
2017-12-10 eventDecember 9 and 10 --- Jury at the 1st Petrof International Piano Competition (China)
2017-12-07 eventDecember 6 and 7 ---- Masterclasses at the National Academy of Baku (Azerbaijan)
2017-12-05 event4th and 5th of December ---- Masterclasses at the State Conservatory of Tiflis
2017-12-03 eventMasterclasses in Teheran (Iran) from the 2nd to the 3rd of December
2017-11-15 eventNew agency
2017-07-29 eventFrom 15 to 29 July - Masterclasses in Musikae Forum (Madrid)
2017-05-04 eventMasterclasses at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Moscow. May 3rd and 4th
2017-05-02 eventTour in Russia from April 23 to May 2
2017-04-28 eventConcert with the teacher of Moscow and winner of the contest Viana da Motta Eleonora Kharphukova
2017-04-26 eventConcert with the Armenian pianist Nina Sarapyam
2017-04-23 eventConcert with the soprano Anastasia Zvereva
2017-04-20 eventConcert at the Pushkin museum of Moscow
2017-04-12 eventFrom 9 to 12 April - Jury in the International Competition "City of Vigo"
2016-11-30 eventConcert in Ferrol
2016-11-30 eventGranting the prize Gregorio Baudot 2016
2016-08-31 eventConcert in Valladolid
2016-07-23 eventFrom 9 to 23 July - Masterclasses in musikae Forum (Madrid)
2016-04-26 eventMasterclasses at the Conservatory of Vigo
2016-03-20 eventConcert in Paris (France)
2016-03-19 eventConcert in Annemasse (France)
2016-02-15 eventMasterclasses in Verona (15, 16 and 17 February)
2015-11-17 eventConcert Stephen Kovacevich and Pablo Galdo. "Opening Ceremony Classical Music Association of Galicia"
2015-07-25 eventConcert in Pozuelo de Alarcon (Msdrid) with the violist Rocío Gómez
2015-07-12 eventFrom 12 to 25 July - Master classes at Forum Musikae in Madrid
2015-04-24 eventApril 24th: Masterclasses in Beirut(Lebanon)
2015-04-23 eventConcert in Beirut(Lebanon)
2015-04-20 eventConcert in Oman
2015-04-19 eventMasterclasses in Sultanate of Oman
2015-04-16 eventMasterclasses in Tehran
2015-04-15 eventConcert in Tehran (Irán)
2015-04-12 eventMasterclasses in Kuwait
2015-04-11 eventConcert in Kuwait
2015-04-09 eventMasterclasses in Amman
2015-04-08 eventConcert in Amman (Jordan)
2015-04-04 eventMasterclasses in Nicosia
2015-04-03 eventConcert in Nicosia (Cyprus)
2015-04-01 eventConcert in Tel Aviv
2015-03-31 eventMasterclasses in Tel Aviv (Israel)
2015-03-30 eventMasterclasses in Ramallah (Jerusalem)
2014-11-01 eventMaster Classes in Pau. 1 and 2 November
2014-10-31 eventConcert in Pau (France)
2014-10-27 eventConcert in Nay (France)
2014-08-27 eventConcert at the Steinway Gallery of Budapest with Katalin Csillagh - 18:00 h
2014-08-24 eventConcert at the F. Liszt Academy of Budapest
2014-08-20 eventConcert in Balatonfüred (Hungary) with Katalin Csillagh - 18:00 h
2014-08-01 eventConcert in Helsinki (Date to be confirmed)
2014-06-14 eventFrom 14 to 27 July - Master classes at Forum Musikae in Madrid
2014-05-09 eventConcert in Vigo - Martín Códax Auditorium - Works of Ligeti and Satie
2014-05-04 eventConcert in Istambul
2014-04-28 eventFrom 28 April to 2 May. Masterclasses at the National Conservatory of Istanbul
2013-12-17 eventMusical recording
2013-12-14 eventConcert in Bern (Switzeland)
2013-10-30 eventNew CD - Works of Albéniz
2013-07-27 eventConcert of piano for four hands with András Kemenes in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid.
2013-07-21 eventFrom 21 to 27 July - Professor invited to give master classes at the II Forum Musikae of Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid
2013-07-07 eventMasterclasses in Madrid. From 7 to 12 July.
2013-07-06 eventForum Musikae, inaugural concert with Asier Polo - Works of J.S. Bach and M. de Falla
2013-05-07 eventConcert for piano 4 hands in Vigo Municipal Auditorium with Lilya Zilberstein.
2013-04-15 eventMasterclasses in the National Academy of Estonia. From 15 to 19 April
2013-03-22 eventMelodi Gaytán represents to Pablo Galdo in Latin America.
2013-02-17 eventConcert of piano for four hands with Imre Rohmann in Vigo. Works of Grieg, Schubert, Fauré and Ligeti
2012-12-29 eventCD Recording - Works by Albeniz, Granados and Mompou.
2012-12-12 event Concert in Almaty Technological University (Kazakhstan).
2012-12-11 eventConcert at the Kazakh National University of Arts in Astana
2012-12-10 eventMaster classes at the Kazakh National University of Arts in Astana
2012-10-20 eventConcert in Pontevedra (Spain) in benefit of children in extreme poverty in Novacaixagalicia auditorium
2012-10-10 event19:30 - Concert in Budapest in the Marble Hall of Hungarian Radio. (1088 Budapest, Pollack Mihály tér 8-10).
2012-08-16 event4 hands concert - 7pm, JB Pianos, 540 Irwin St in San Rafael - California
2012-08-13 event13th and 14th August - Masterclasses in California - JB Pianos, 540 Irwin St in San Rafael
2012-08-12 event4 hands concert - 5pm, San Domenico Conservatory, 1500 Butterfield Road in San Anselmo - California
2012-08-11 event4 hands concert - 7pm, St James Church, 4620 California St in San Francisco
2012-08-10 event4 hands concert - 7pm, JB Pianos, 540 Irwin St in San Rafael - California
2012-06-01 eventManager Germany & Austria : Maloberti Artists & Music Management from Vienna and Berlin represents Pablo Galdo In Germany and Austria starting June 2012
2012-05-01 eventConcert in Budapest (Hungary)
2012-04-20 eventConcert in Istambul
2012-04-16 event16, 17 and 18 April. Masterclasses at the National Conservatory of Istanbul
2012-04-09 eventConcert in Montevideo (Uruguay) in the Auditorium SODRE - 19.30pm
2012-04-07 eventConcert in Buenos Aires at La Scala de San Telmo - 19:00 pm
2012-04-04 eventConcert in the Germano-Argentine Institute of Buenos Aires - 19:00 pm
2012-04-03 eventConcert in Rosario - Principe de Asturias Theatre - 20:30 pm
2012-04-02 eventConcert in the auditorium of the Music Institute of Valparaiso - Pontifical Catholic University (Chile) - 12:00 pm
2012-04-02 eventMaster classes in the auditorium of the Music Institute of Valparaiso - Pontifical Catholic University (Chile)
2012-03-30 eventConcert in the Auditorium of the Government House of Neuquén - 19:30 pm
2012-03-29 eventConcert in Neuquén (Argentina)
2012-03-27 event27, March 28. Masterclasses at the Superior School of Music of Neuquén
2012-01-29 event4 hands concert with eminent pianist Zoltán Kocsis at Regal hall of Mercantile Circle (Spain). (19:30h).
2011-12-23 eventRecording for RTVE
2011-12-16 eventRecording CD
2011-12-09 eventConcert in Ferrol, Jofre theatre. Ferrol Philharmonic Society. Pieces of Bach, Chopin, Liszt and Scriabin.
2011-08-24 eventMaster classes with pianist Zoltán Kocsis.
2011-08-12 eventConcert in Budapest (Hungary)
2011-08-08 eventConcert in Kecskemet (Hungary)
2011-05-04 event4 hands concert with Hungarian pianist Imre Rohmann at Regal hall of Mercantile Circle (Spain). Pieces of Schubert, Brahms and Chopin.
2011-04-12 eventLive performance at Galician Television. Pieces of Bach and Rachmaninoff.
2011-03-28 eventConcert in Sztuki Museum, Krakow. Pieces of Albeniz, Liszt and Rachmaninoff.
2011-03-27 eventAcademy of Music Frederic Chopin. Parts Albéniz, Liszt and Rachmaninoff (Poland).
2011-02-12 eventConcert in Saudi Arabia, at the King Fahd cultural center. Pieces of Bach, Albeniz, Liszt y Rachmaninoff
2011-02-10 eventConcert in Kuwait. Pieces of Bach, Albeniz, Liszt y Rachmaninoff
2011-01-28 eventMasterclasses - Riveira Conservatory (Spain) - 28, 29, 30
2010-08-19Salzburg (Austria)
2010-08-16Debrecen (Hungary)
2010-08-14Budapest (Hungary)
2010-03-06S.Petersburg (Russia)
2010-03-05Helsinki (Finland)
2010-03-03Tallin (Estonia)
2010-03-02Master classes at National academy of music of Tallin (Estonia) - 2, 3, 4
2010-03-01Riga (Latvia)
2009-08-14Milan (Italy)
2009-07-19Budapest (Hungary)
2009-07-17Debrecen (Hungary)
2009-02-18Vilnius (Lithuania)
2009-02-09Master classes at Academy of Vilnius (Lithuania) - 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
2008-12-19Vigo (Spain)
2008-11-17Seoul (South Korea)
2008-11-14Beijing (China)
2008-11-12Hong Kong (China)
2008-09-01Casablanca (Morocco)
2008-06-28Oberlin (USA)
2008-02-28Palermo (Italy)
2007-11-04Muscat (Oman)
2007-06-10Muscat (Sultanate of Oman) "First concert in Asia"
2007-06-06Moskow (Russia)
2007-05-05Madrid (Spain)
2007-03-01Reykiavik (Iceland)
2007-01-30Salzburg (Austria)
2007-01-23Valthorens (France)
2007-01-21Paris (France)
2006-09-12Valencia (Spain)
2006-09-08Barcelona (Spain)
2006-06-29Luarca (Spain)
2006-04-27Salzburg (Austria)
2006-04-06Ferrol (Spain)
2006-04-04Alps (France)
2006-04-02Paris (France)
2006-03-29Salzburg (Austria)
2005-12-04OberÖsterreicht (Austria)
2005-12-02Salzburg (Austria)
2005-09-27Hallain (Austria)
2005-05-14Salzburg (Austria)
2005-04-19Göd (Hungary)
2005-04-17Bratislava (Slovak Republic)
2005-03-15Athens (Greece)
2005-02-12London (England)
2005-02-11London (England)
2005-01-31Nova Gorica (Slovenia)
2005-01-13Madrid (Spain)
2005-01-12Ferrol (Spain)
2005-01-08Leon (Spain)
2004-11-14Ljubljana (Slovenia)
2004-11-11Zagreb (Croatia)
2004-08-23Valdoviño (Spain)
2004-07-07Sombor (Serbia)
2004-05-18Budapest (Hungary)
2004-05-17Kécskemet (Hungary)
2004-04-06Cee (Spain)
2004-04-05Cangas do Morrazo (Spain)
2004-04-04Ortigueira (Spain)
2003-12-30Fene (Spain)
2003-11-25Munich (Germany)
2003-11-04A Coruña (Spain)
1970-07-02From the 22nd to the 2nd of July Tour in Argentina
1970-07-02July 2 concert in Salta
1970-07-01July 1 masterclass in Salta
1970-06-29June 29 concert in Bariloche
1970-06-28June 28 masterclass in Córdoba
1970-06-27June 27 masterclass in Córdoba
1970-06-23June 23 Concert in Neuquén
1970-06-22June 22 masterclass in Neuquén