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Future events:

2019-07-31 eventJuly: master classes at the International Academy "Forum musikae" of Madrid
2019-04-24 eventApril 24: Piano concert in Galicia
2019-04-22 eventApril 22: Piano concert in Galicia
2019-04-20 eventFrom Abril 16 to April 20: Member of the jury in the III International Piano Competition "Ciudad de Vigo"
2019-04-07 eventFrom March 23, 2019 to April 7, 2019: Tour in China
2019-03-23 eventFrom March 17 to March 23; Tour in Argentina
2018-10-21 eventOctober 20 and 21: Masterclasses at the Kharkiv University of the Arts. Works by Scriabin and Liszt
2018-10-12 eventMusical recording
2018-10-10 eventConcert in Kharkiv (Ukraine). Festival music Assemblies of Kharkiv in its 25th edition

Past events:

2018-07-31 eventConcerts in Madrid - Dates to be determined
2018-07-28 eventFrom 7 to 28 July: master classes at the International Academy "Forum musikae" of Madrid
2018-05-04 eventFrom April 30 to May 4: masterclasses at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki (Greece)
2018-04-30 eventConcert in Thessaloniki (Greece)
2018-04-13 eventFrom 9 to 13 April - Master classes at the University of Yasar in Izmir (Turkey), within the "International Music Week"
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